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London 21 Sustainability Network promotes, supports and networks community-based initiatives for a greener, healthier and more sustainable Greater London.

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The Love London: Love your Planet Festival was last launched on June 4th 2009
at the Barnes Wetlands Centre, West London.

See Report
and Video.

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Latest News

East London Pollution Study to reveal Measures to reduce Emissions 'not doing enough'
The UK Government has now been warned by the European Court of Justice over dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide...

Mayor’s Pollution Policies shattered by Client Earth Legal Case Win.
Jenny Jones has called on the Mayor to urgently review his air pollution policies in light of the news that Client...

World Paper Free Day: Top tips to reduce paper waste
In an increasingly digital world, it may surprise many that paper still dominates the office environment. Almost...

Labour makes Efficiency Central Pillar of Energy Policy
The Green Paper was first mooted at the September Labour Party Conference, when Ed Miliband pledged to make...

Harnessing Energy from Human Waste a worthwhile initiative.
Harnessing energy from human waste 'shouldn't be poo-pooed.' Breaking down human waste into...

LWARB and WRAP ally to help London reach 50% recycling target
LWARB and WRAP's programme shall help London local authorities reach the Mayor of London's 50% recycling...

Minister Davey to continue Renewable Energy Drive
Energy Secretary Ed Davey has reiterated that annual investment in renewable electricity has more than doubled this...

EU Court Ruling on Air Pollution — 19th November
On Wednesday 19th November, the Court of Justice of EU is due to rule on what remedial action it will take to...

Mayor of London’s £28 billion Roads to Nowhere . . .
The Mayor of London is planning to spend £28 billion building and widening roads in London, new research by...

UK Government backs solar PV in Schools
Following the April announcement from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) of updates to its Solar...

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